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Gutter HelmetĀ®

Gutter Helmet®: America’s #1 Choice in Gutter Protection

When we say Gutter Helmet is the permanent solution to your gutter protection needs, we mean it. There’s a reason why we’ve been #1 among America’s best gutter systems for more than 35 years, and it’s this: our product works.

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Premier Steel Gutters

Steel is the ultimate material for roof-drainage systems. It’s easier to handle than aluminum and offers minimal thermal movement. Only an occasional wipe or wash down is all thats needed to keep your gutter system looking like new. Easy assembly and installation ensure a long service life.Produced from 24 gauge Galvanized G90 steel and painted with a thick scratch resistant coating.
Copper Gutters

COPPER gutter gives your home a distinguished, elegant look. It also adds beauty and curb appeal to your home. This choice of gutter is the most durable metal in all climates and is designed to last forever. It has been around since gutter was born. To get the old green look right away, we can apply the patina chemical, or you can let mother nature take care of that for you over time.

We offer copper guttering in four different styles. A copper gutter system has the potential to last a lifetime if installed properly. Using brass hangers and soldering the seams and end caps is the only way to make a copper gutter system last a lifetime. Be careful of cheap copper imitators. These products look like copper and cost about half as much. These systems do not last a lifetime and can corrode very easily if not maintained correctly. Call Rain Guard today to learn more.
1/2 Round Aluminum Gutter

Want to add more curb appeal to your house but don't want to spend a fortune? 1/2 round gutter is more affordable than ever. With our newest machine we are now able to make seamless half round gutter at a fraction of the cost. We can custom fit your 1/2 round gutter system to match the look you want. We have over 21 colors to choose from and over 50 kinds of brackets to use. Add the beauty of a 1/2 round gutter and the functionality of a 6" gutter. It will make your house look better and will collect and direct water away from your house faster.
5" AND 6" OG Aluminum Gutter

5" OG gutter also known as a K-style gutter is the most widely used gutter and is known to be the standard gutter used on residential houses. It also comes in a 6" gutter that is exactly one inch larger on all sides and has a 6" opening on top. 6" gutter should be used in areas that receive heavy amounts of water. We offer 21 different colors to choose from all backed by a 20 year manufacturer warranty* against chipping, cracking, or peeling. (*See Warranty*)

If you are unsure of which size gutter will work best on your house, no problem. Call the office and set up a free estimate to speak with a sales representative. We can show you what size of gutter will collect and drain water the best for your house. Most houses require a 5" gutter to handle the amount of rainfall from the roof but some houses will require a larger gutter. For example houses with a steep roof, several valleys, metal roofs, sate/tile roofs will require a larger 6" gutter to drain the roof water efficiently.